6 Unique Privileges That Homeowners Enjoy

Shelter has always been important to man. It is an apex need that needs to be met every time after feeding. There are two options to having a shelter, either you RENT or you OWN.

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security.”

–Suze Orman

Most young professionals are used to starting their careers in rented homes, but here are six reasons why you should consider owning your own home as soon as you can.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

–George A. Moore

1.  Your Home reflects Your Taste.

When you own a home, you can build it to reflect your style and taste. You could decide to do whatever you want from knocking down a wall to make a room bigger or redoing the bathroom to whatever style you want. You could grow a garden in your backyard or convert a part of it into a swimming pool.

Homeowners have the freedom to customize their homes to their tastes and the dignity of ownership is a fulfilling experience.

2. Long-term Saving.

Owning a home when you can is the smarter investment in the long term. Rent prices change at the slightest sight of inflation, but you can never be charged a higher rate for living in your own house. Your home also saves you more long-term and lets you focus your income on other things instead of having to split it between rent and other things.

3. A Second Stream of Income.

You have a house too big for you to live in? Services like Air B&B can help you find a use for your spare rooms by renting them out on short lets or longer-term rentals. You could even rent out patches of land to farmers who would like to grow things and need the land.

4. No Landlord Hassles.

You won’t need to fear unexpected eviction notices because landlords suddenly feel like it. You could also easily take maintenance and utility into your own hands instead of waiting for Landlords to take ages to fix things as simple as a broken dishwasher, blocked air vents, and so on.

Homeownership also allows you to own as many pets as you like or as many as local laws allow, instead of being at the mercy of a landlord’s rules.

Your home. Your rules. Your privacy.

5. It is everyone’s dream.

There is a reason homeownership is included in everyone’s perfect dream life. Also, if you’re the kind that loves a family, a home that you own is the right place to start a family, watch them grow up, and have grandkids visit even when you grow old.

6. It is a legacy.

Homeowners also have a distinct advantage over renters in that they can decide to leave it to their children. Passing on the family home done correctly can be a great way to transfer generational wealth and create a legacy for the coming generation.

All in all, owning your own home is the right thing to do for the present and the future. While the homeownership process could sometimes be difficult, working with a real estate institution that puts the needs of its clients first can help make the process much more smooth and easy.

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