About Us

American Blend Estates started in Nigeria a Subdivision of Aleale Limited through the entrepreneurial vision of Mrs. Cynthia Brooke Oko-Oza, the chief executive officer of American Blend Estates.

Striking out as a distinguished entrepreneur, she made a remarkable impact in the property market with sole determination to avert investors wrong investments decisions or even loss of funds. This giant step was borne out her personal negative experiences and loss of funds to unworthy and unreliable property dealers.

Her tenacity and doggedness made her successful in the property business that she carved a niche in the industry. Her traits endeared a multinational construction engineering firm from Europe to her for real estate investment and partnership

At American Blend Estates, we aspire to create long-term value for our investors, brand, and development partners through innovation and creativity. We provide investors with safe housing and investment options.

Everything we do at American Blend Estates revolves around you.  Client satisfaction is fundamental to our business, which is built on real honesty and deep trust. We are passionate about exceeding customer expectations.

Our Vision

To deliver the dream of home ownership to everyone and everywhere regardless of background or ethinicity

Our Mission

To locate lands which are free from
any form of encumbrance in great locations for affordable prices​

Our Core Values


We consciously allow partners and investors full access to the information they want and not just the information the sender is willing to provide.


We follow through on our promises - we don't just talk, we walk the talk. In all of our actions, we are truthful, trustworthy, and ethical.


American Blend Estates keep to her service level agreement and as at when do.


We are a company that is trusted in the marketplace - one that stands for integrity and sets a standard for it, inspiring others to be always truthful and fair as principles held higher than profit and traditional goals.


We accept the responsibility for your products, projects, or even task, from inception to outcome (and everything that may fall in between).

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