About Us

American Blend Estates is the Property Development and Marketing Division of Aleale Limited. The company maintains offices in the United States and Nigeria, and began in the United States through the entrepreneurial vision and effort of Cynthia Oko-Oza, the chief executive officer of Aleale Limited. 

Striking out as a sole entrepreneur, she made remarkable impact in the US property market in the “renovate and sell” segment. Cynthia came atop a successful property business and stepped into the big league when she entered into a multinational combine with construction engineering professionals from Europe, and real estate investors from the United States.

american blend estates

At American Blend Estates, we aspire to create long-term value for our investors, brand, and development partners through innovation and creativity. We provide investors with safe housing and investment options.

Everything we do at American Blend Estates revolves around you.  Client satisfaction is fundamental to our business, which is built on real honesty and deep trust. We are passionate about exceeding customer expectations.

With over 22 years of global experience in the property development industry, our team have successfully built and now managing ground-breaking development projects in Lagos and Abujawith many more in the pipeline. We are committed to offering premium and first-class services that assist our clients and investors in purchasing affordable land with great potential.

american blend estates

Our Vision

To deliver the dream of home ownership to everyone and everywhere regardless of background or ethinicity

Our Mission

To locate lands which are free from
any form of encumbrance in great locations for affordable prices​

Our Core Values

We’re here to keep our customers happy; our colleagues and partners happy; our employees fulfilled and driven; our management proud and celebrated; and our brand competitive and forward-thinking. We take pride in the following Values in order to achieve the above:


We follow through on our promises - we don't just talk, we walk the talk. In all of our actions, we are truthful, trustworthy, and ethical.


Our customers are the lifeblood of our company, and keeping them happy is the primary reason we're in business.  We focus on areas of competitive advantage for our clients and produce great results.


We base our decisions on research and provide trustworthy information to assist our clients in making informed decisions.

Meet our Team

american blend estates

Combining the rare logics of her business acumen and her leadership prowess, Cynthia leads the team in utilizing investment funds in projects that never go awry.

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