American Garden Estate

American Garden Estate

We all desire to live around nature, Have a merge of luxury, comfort and affordability in the highbrow Area of new Lagos. (ILAMIJA)

American garden estates is set to enjoy nature and serenity It has major significant growth over the next few years, it’s calm and peaceful, with a high return on investment.

Title : Gazette
Size 500sqm & 300sqm
4.8million – 3million.

With an initial deposit of 150k you too can own a piece of ilamija.

Estate features
1. 24/hour Electricity
2. Residential and commercial layout plan.
3. Perimeter fencing
4. Security
5. Good Road network.
6. Affordable Homes
7. Flexible Homes

1. Dangote refinery
2. Alaro city
3. Lekki free trade zone
4. Proposed International Airport
5. Pan African university.

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