The Truth About Homes

The Home is Where It All Begins…

Man’s need for a home has been prevalent for as long
as men existed. In the Ice and the Stone age, the home was a secure, personal
space to retire for safety and protection from the weather and other things. In
this new era, we have learned that a home is the only secure quarantine to
prevent the spread of ill health and diseases.

All in all, the importance of a roof over the head cannot be
overemphasized. The human need to establish strong social, economic and
cultural ties with one another can only be possible with homes. The opportunity
to build families, live in dignity and earn wealth is strongly supported by having
a home in the background.

“Our homes have become our epicentre. The home is the starting
point of who we are, what we do, and where we are leading in our lives.”

– Amitabh Pande

More Than Just A Roof Over Your Head

Picture yourself making dinner with your partner, reading books as
a family, exchanging gifts, but doing all these in an open space in the

Doesn’t sound quite, right, does it?

Over the millenniums of human life, a home has become more than just a
physical location with four walls. It has become more than just a roof over
your head. It is now a part of who you are and the legacy you leave behind.

People’s social, psychological and physical states are closely
related to their homes. Studies have shown that good homes and strong familial
relationships give higher self-esteem and a sense of belonging. People from
good homes generally rest better and are more productive.

Like all other apex needs of man, finding a perfect home can be
difficult these days. Many can’t afford a home because of financial restraints,
and even when they can, they do not know how to begin to navigate the hazards
of real estate.

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One of the biggest challenges about choosing a home must be the
need for its longevity. Your children’s lifespan and the young to early
adulthood years would probably be spent in the same home. So you don’t have to
only choose your home, for now, you have to choose for the future.

If you could own a home, what type of
home would that be?

The Future of Living – Dream it Smart!

Imagine arriving at home tired after the day’s work, and you don’t
have to go to the switch to turn the light on or grab a remote to adjust the
room temperature.

Imagine just saying the command and voice automated tap starts
running, or your door swings open?


The present and future of Homes is Smart!

The world in total has woken up to the realization that
24 hours is such a short time to have for a day. Therefore, technological
solutions have been provided to save even the littlest of minutes. A smart home
is one of these solutions. The idea is that a smart home enables a homeowner to
control appliances and devices remotely. With a smartphone and internet
connection, you can have the mould the home of your dreams.

Why Should it be Smart?

A recent Statista global consumer survey showed a 12 per cent
spike in ownership of smart homes in Nigeria. Like we left mudhouses and
thatched huts behind, our current houses model is being phased out fast. But
that is not the only reason you should start considering living in the smart

Some of those reasons are its safety and convenience.

  • Safety – A home is not a home if it is not considered safe. Smart
    locks will keep your home secure. You can lock and unlock your doors anywhere. You can double-check that you locked the door even
    after you left home. And you can keep track of who has come and gone
    from your doorstep in your absence. With smart security notifications, you
    can always watch your property. A variety of smart home devices
    can warn you about leaks, unlocked doors, smoke, etc.
  • Convenience – For example, a smart
    thermostat can automatically learn your routines and adjust the
    temperature. Virtual assistants can take your voice commands to switch on
    music, browse the web and control your smart appliances. Smart TVs,
    washers, refrigerators, etc., can have remote access and control, as well
    as the ability to alert you to essential information. Visualize your
    washing machine, identifying when energy use in your area is lowest and
    turning itself on at that time. Or your refrigerator scans your groceries
    to tell you when the eggs are due to expire! You would be able to adjust
    the lights in each room in your home using your smartphone. Or just
    configure your lights to switch on and off at certain intervals and never worry
    about forgetting to turn them off before leaving for the day. Smart Homes
    is convenient.

Your home should not just be a
place. It should be a dream, a hub for joy and freedom, a place where your
ideas are birthed, and the realization is celebrated.

You should start your
investment in the home of your dreams now. And like us @AmericanBlendEstates,
make sure your choice is the home of your dreams.

Your African Paradise

– American Blend Estates

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